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The Health & New Media Research (HNMR) is committed to supporting open scientific inquiry and enhancing the reproducibility and transparency of research through encouraged data sharing. We promote the sharing of data wherever possible, unless restricted by ethical, privacy, or confidentiality concerns.

For New Submissions (Effective from Volume 8(2), 2024):
Authors are required to include a Data Availability Statement (DAS) in their manuscript submissions starting with Volume 8(2), 2024. The DAS should detail:
Where the data supporting their findings can be found.
Under what conditions the data can be accessed. Whether the data is available in a public repository that assigns a digital object identifier (DOI) to data sets.
We encourage authors to deposit their research data in a suitable publicly accessible repository that ensures the data will be preserved and freely available to the public. Such repositories should offer a stable environment and the ability to assign a DOI to the dataset.

For Previously Published Articles and Articles in Process:
Please note that articles published in Health & New Media Research prior to Volume 8(2), 2024, and articles already in the review process for Volume 8(1), 2024, may not include a Data Availability Statement. For information regarding the availability of data in these articles, we encourage readers to contact the corresponding author directly or refer to any data sharing information provided within the article.

We recommend adherence to the FAIR principles (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable) when sharing data, to ensure that the data remains maximally usable by the community.

The introduction of a DAS from Volume 8(2), 2024, onwards reflects our commitment to supporting the replication and verification of published findings and fostering further research and collaboration.

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